Mentoring Legacy of the Marley Family: Bob and Cedella

Cedella has worked to protect her father’s legacy for many years. As C.E.O. of Tuff Gong International (Bob Marley’s audio production studio), she memorializes her father’s passion for inspiring unity and peace through music. Cedella also carries the power of Bob Marley through her design company, One Love, and her own brand, Catch a Fire, both named after music that encourages the world to embrace peace, love, and to “feel all right.”


 The songs “One Love” and “Three Little Birds” inspired Cedella to pursue another avenue of creative expression in keeping her father’s message alive: writing. Cedella has written several children’s books, two of which are titled One Love (released in 2011) and Three Little Birds. The books are an adaption of Marley’s cherished songs.


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